It's me!

Antonella Masella

I love get excited and one of my way I do it is to excite who cross my path by chance or by choice.


With stubbornness and hard work, through struggles and effort, living so many places and different relationships, I have learnt how to understand desires and willing of my clients. From them I begin my work to make real a project as similar as possible to whom asks me to realize it.


This gives me the chance to reinvent me constantly and to create small and big magic, all to be experienced.


A constant search of locations, ideas, details and feelings characterizes my job and becomes a mix of both traditional and innovative features, of both territorial and cosmopolitan ones.


Specific staging, interesting designs and charming concepts are at disposal of whom wants something more than usual, sure to have chosen the perfect ally for realizing the event.


“I am full of contradictions, I love complications,
I have 1000 books under the bed,
I have 1000 dreams in the drawer,
I talk alone and I am confused and I think that I am ok after all”

Moon, Gianni Togni


Paraphrasing the Togni’s song “Moon”, which is my favourite, these sentences seem to describe me completely.

I am full of contradictions and shades, a little bit romantic and rock, a little bit distracted and resolute, a little bit shy but also extremely enterprising.


I love complications and as matter of fact, I have chosen to be an Event Manager and to make my passion the dominant colour of my life.


I have 1000 books not under my bed but everywhere I live.


I love imagining and being inspired by the words on the rough pages of books or on the coated ones of magazines.


I have 1000 dreams in the draw that I hope to achieve one by one, with the enthusiasm that distinguishes me and with the stubbornness that characterizes me.

I challenge everyone, in my place, to not to get lost in endless ideas and insights, in a whirl of thoughts, strategies and solutions and to not to speak out loud to yourself and being taken for crazy.


Well, I am a little bit crazy after all and I like it! I am crazy because, no matter what it takes, I can usually find solutions even to the strangest requests. I am crazy even because I work hard to make people live incredible experiences, to avoid failing expectations and to realize the wishes of whom chooses me.


I am crazy because I am moved every time and in the meantime, I have fun watching a project achieved.


Who choses me, choses Antonella as a person and then as a professional.


Sentimentalism? No, awareness and consciousness of how I do my job. I mean, in the respect of who is in front of me, with the passion of the first day and the same dedication for every event.