With my team I plan and realize weddings and private and corporate special events, in Italy and in the Balearic Islands.

Experience, creativity and passion make every event unique and unrepeatable. The attention to the details and the trends allow me to ensure the approval in terms of locations, scenic design, flower and light design, food e real experience.

In this way, every event becomes an experience to live and to remember in time.


Protocol, bon ton and everything that concerns the solemnity and the elegance of a private, public or cultural event

Food & Beverage Experience

With the best chefs and experts in the field, I’ll ensure a culinary experience in line with the concept of the event in order to create a real taste experience, which gives creativity, innovation and refinement to the table.


I’ll take care of the artistic direction of every project, choosing for you the entertainment, the style, the light design as suitable as possible to make your event special and unique.

Taylormade projects

I’ll realize your project on the basis of all your requests, dealing with all necessary to achieve it as you have imagined. Charming staging, creative event concept, setup, suppliers’ management and research.

Location Discovery

From the most exclusive and the most sought-after location to the most intimate and friendly one, we’ll choose together the place which will host your event. That place will enchant you and will give you the certainty it is the right one.


I will take care of your guests and I’ll make them feel at home in every moment. I’ll work as organizing secretary and I’ll take care of their accommodation, their change of position and all their necessities.


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